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The Impact exChange is an online platform for higher education faculty and practitioners to ask questions, share resources, and support one another in our common goal of student success. We all have experience and expertise to share; our favorite toolkits, playbooks, and reports on proven and emerging practices; and even campus-specific materials we’ve developed that may be helpful to a colleague at another campus.

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Look up topics or start a conversation on any student success topic and our colleagues across the state will offer up helpful insights and resources. This platform becomes more robust and more helpful every time you post a question and share a resource.

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Our Purpose

It’s our mission to build capacity of higher education partners to accelerate progress on student success.

Guiding Principles


Understanding our diverse population, unique institutional missions, and the varied needs and experiences of students will drive the design of programs, policies, and practices that remove barriers and provide support for all students.


The priorities and strategies of the Collaborative are guided by student, campus, and community voice; identifying the challenges, barriers, opportunities, and possibilities to accelerate transformation around student success.


Supporting whole institution approaches that recognize the academic, social, professional, and personal experiences of students and will work in alignment with other CPE initiatives to advance student success.

The Kentucky Student Success Collaborative is an initiative of the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education made possible by support from the James Graham Brown Foundation.

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